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If you are reading this, you are one of a handful of teachers who are thinking about how AI can transform education. At Sherpa, we are creating a thriving community of teachers just like you, and build a blueprint for the future of the classroom. A base camp, where we prepare to scale the uncharted terrain of artificial intelligence together.

As student researchers in the Stanford AI & Education lab, we have been deeply researching this cutting-edge technology for months. The Sherpa community is a space where we hope to share our learnings with you, and in turn, learn about your experience with AI in the classroom. We genuinely believe that this technology has the ability to enhance your student’s conceptual understanding, instead of compromising it.

If you click the button below, you will enter our community of dreamers and doers. We hope this is a space where you meet educators who resemble the lifelong learner you are, and remind you why you chose to dedicate your entire life to the growth and support of others.

To glimpsing into the future of the classroom – and summiting it.

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Conversation Breeds Understanding

Conversation Breeds Understanding

Take a glimpse at the future of the classroom

Take a glimpse at the future

of the classroom